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Curious Canimals: What Is It? (also known as Happy Canimal: We Can Do It!, Mom~! Canimal: Can You Survive? & Mom~! Canimal: We Can Do It!) is a paritally found 2008 pilot series of Canimals, although with stuff existing before in 2006 and 2007 of it. It was originally made before Canimals as the original series, The series was a bit different then the second canimals series. Firstly, the episodes were different since they had a narrator (although Balloon having an alternate version without dialogue you can find on Facebook) some of The Canimals' names were different too, In this series the main characters are named Cuckoo, Paul, Pal, Nia, Toki, Chad, Boba, Nao and Bob. Those Being Every Main Character Except Mimi And Leon, although it seems Mimi was added later in because of some of the posters, and Woo-ang was a main character. Leon is in the 2010 model sheet, but it is unknown if he ever became a character in the series, it is mostly lost but a couple episodes have been found. So far, The only found episodes have been one with a Skunk. (possibly titled that) which name is unknown due to the episode not having a title shown, Balloon and one titled angry runner. There is also a animated Curious Canimals short promo/sneak peek as well uploaded by Animation Network titled just "canimal". The found episodes are titled Unknown Skunk Pilot Episode, Balloon and Angry Runner. As well as a Christmas short titled Canimals 2010 Pilot Happy Christmas Short. there is also a promo/sneak peek animation for it titled Curious Canimals Promo/Sneak Peek You can Watch them here: Balloon Version 1 (unable to add video): Balloon Version 2 (unable to add video): Balloon Version 3 (unable to add video): Angry Runner (unable to add video): go here for more descriptive information. (Note: the link will send you to a different wiki)


Curious Canimals - "Skunk Episode"